WBH Digest 2024-06-12: They Come Out at Night

WBH Digest 2024-06-12: They Come Out at Night

There have been a bunch of interesting books either released or looking to raise crowdfunding recently that I wish to highlight. Hopefully you can find something interesting out of all the authors I keep tabs on.

I keep hearing that Shagduk is a book worth reading, and here is the Kickstarter for the second book of the series that Shagduk starts. I'm definitely curious.

I recently came across this scanned advertisement for the now defunct Greentree Theaters from my hometown of Flagstaff, Arizona from June 8, 1984. That would have been right around the time I moved to Flagstaff with my parents.

I'm Gen Y, so I only watched these movies later, but man, what a great selection!

I'm not familiar with David Skinner's work, but his stuff looks to have a lot of overlap with my interests.

Be the American the Japanese think you are.

I already own one of the volumes of the Illustrated Stark by Leigh Brackett, but this deluxe edition is too good to pass up.

Reminds me of The Foundations of Mechanical Accuracy.

The first two books in Will Wight's The Last Horizon series are free on Amazon until June 13th. While I didn't love The Captain, I do find it fascinating as a premise, and if Wight is giving it away for free, why not? I'll write a review someday.

The Captain
The Engineer

With Both Hands: A Bad Case of Dead

Jim Breyfogle's A Bad Case of Dead is in some ways a very traditional romance in a Victorian setting. We find a grim and dirty, but quite lively London with many economic opportunities available to the bold and the lucky. Queen Victoria's overseas dominions give Englishmen a sense of living in a much larger and more interesting world than the one they are accustomed to.

Jon Weichsel recently crowdfunded his Sword & Scandal anthology, and is looking for contributors. Anyone interested can check out his Substack.

I've been meaning for a while now to try some of Jason Anspach's non Galaxy's Edge or Forgotten Ruin work, so I bought this and I shall see.

Friend of the blog J. R. Handley is having a sale on all his audiobooks at Audible.