WBH Weekly Digest 2023-05-19: Bully

WBH Weekly Digest 2023-05-19: Bully
Towards a Christian Vitalism | Christian Winter
A Response to John Ehrett

A Muscular Christianity for a new millennium

Nuclear power helps bring down electricity prices by 75% in Finland
Country expects wind to be its largest energy source by 2027

Finland is a little less populous than Arizona, where I live. This power plant has approximately the same generating capacity as the Palo Verde Generating Station.

The History of Gemini Man ~ Part I: Gemini Warrior
Back the Campaign Here ! I realize Gemini Man has taken over the blog recently, but that is for a very good reason. Most of my writing time…

Interesting details about the history of Gemini Man, and about JD Cowan.

Valuable lessons about making sure you test in the right conditions.

The Long View 2009-02-22
In the modern era, during times of severe stress, society and the state tend to merge, not pull apart. Maybe that is the defining characteristic of modernity, and of every era like modernity.

John J. Reilly muses on what modernity means for society and state under stress.

Hacking Galileo Book Review
Hacking Galileo by Fenton Wood is many things: an adventure, a lament for an age now lost, even a manual for subverting obsolete technology. This book is for the adults who once were the spergy GenX and GenY kids who are the stars of this book. The kids who built

A lament for a lost age.

Klein organizations
In a Weekly Digest in April, I posted a link to Explaining Tech’s Notion of Talent Scarcity. In my head, I implicitly linked this to Burton Klein’s classification of firms: Type 1: “Happy warrior rationality” is associated with ideological outbreeding and is commonly employed in making fast history…

Klein organization types and cultures of talent.

A flash of inspiration
Book reviews and literary criticism of adventure stories, along with an archive of John J. Reilly’s The Long View

With Both Hands Classics: Jurassic Park
I recently re-read Jurassic Park for the first time in decades. When I was a teenager, I was obsessed with Michael Crichton’s books, and the movies based on them. I read every book of his that I could find. After a while, I drifted away, looking for variety in my

Worthy of being a classic.