Last Contact: Galaxy's Edge Book 15

Last Contact is where everything in Season Two of Galaxy’s Edge comes together. There is something here for just about every flavor of fan I’ve seen so far, and you can see the pieces being setup for a real banger in the next book.

Last Contact: Galaxy’s Edge Season Two Book Fifteen by Jason Anspach and Nick Cole Galaxy’s Edge Press

In Remains, we got almost full on military scifi with the invasion of Kima, a lovingly crafted homage to military tactics. With Last Contact, things swing back into the mode of space opera, and start leaning into the weird. However, since I think that has been one of the series’ strengths, I’m happy to see it. Anything involving the first men to leave Earth on the lighthuggers, who see themselves as the true heirs of humanity, is going to get pretty weird pretty fast.

And it is clear that the people everyone else just call the Savages are going to be involved in the final confrontation. However, it won’t be merely a repeat of the Savage Wars, because the wicked things that lurk beyond Galaxy’s Edge biding their time also believe their time has come. So we have at least three sides, but it isn’t clear that we even know who all the players are just yet. I expect a few final surprises.

There are a lot of great parts in this book. I particularly liked the one where Keel needed to get his mind right in order to kill some things on a Savage ship that could seemingly not be killed, a skill that proved elusive for him compared to his companions.

We also get to finally find out what happened in the desert with Crometheus, 1,500 years ago. I must admit that I was genuinely surprised by how that went down.

I could easily pick another half dozen such moments, one of each of the key characters. Altogether, it feels like we’re getting the band back together for whatever happens in the finale.

And the gang’s all here: Cro, Big Nee, Keel, Makaffie, Andien, the Wild Man. I assume that everyone who isn’t dead is going to have some kind of part to play at the end, and maybe even some of the ones who are.

The authors have said that the next book will be the end of Season Two, and its been a heckuva ride guys.

I received a review copy from the authors. Last Contact is available in ebook form from Amazon and audiobook from Audible.

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