The Long View: Polemical Writings

I've long been a fan of polemical writings. Witness my popular Amazon review of Ed Feser's polemical assault on the New Atheists, The Last Superstition. John was a fan too, I think, even though he himself was of a rather mild disposition. Maybe impish is a better description.

My favorite of all these is his piece on the National Endowment for the Arts, Art Lessons. I will never look at P. T. Barnum, or the NEA, the same way. I think I'll post that one next.

As usual, most of these writings aren't posted yet. You can find them by downloading John's entire site, using an internet archive, or just being patient for me to get to 15+ years of John's digital writings.

Polemical Writings

It takes a lot of government to keep libertarians living in anarchy. 2011

The Triumph of Consciousness III (Charles Reich was right.) After America (Mark Steyn explains that things are as bad as they seem.) Red Capitalism (Carl E. Walter and Fraser J. T. Howie describe the fragile financial system of China.)


The Overton Window (Glenn Beck reveals the danger to Archduke Ferdinand.)


The Death of Conservatism (Sam Tanenhaus throws rocks in a glass house.)


Left in Dark Times (Bernard-Henri Lévy tries to save the Left from the Counter Enlightenment.) Grand New Party (Ross Douthat and Reihan Salam show the way to political realignment through Sam's Club.)