Cold War Fallout

No, not that kind.

Titanic was on the television today, and I recalled that the Titanic was found by Robert Ballard when he was actually searching for the wrecks of the USS Thresher and USS Scorpion. As Project Azorian demonstrates, the US spent enormous sums of money during the Cold War, on  projects that are only now coming to light. I was wondering today what else might come to light soon?

Another example is Jerry Pournelle's involvement in an abortive invasion of Albania and Israel's Six Day War.

Jerry should know because back in 1967, Jerry, Stefan Possony, and then-Crown Prince in Exile Leka (or Laika) organized an invasion of Albania by exiles to overthrow Communist dictator Enver Hoxha. King Hussein of Jordan agreed to provide air cover to wipe out the small Albanian air force to allow the invaders to cross the channel from Corfu, where they were training in the King Constantine of Greece's palace. Jerry spent a lot of time in Jordan training their pilots on how to pull off a sneak attack and wipe out the Albanian planes on the ground. Then, in June 1967, the Israelis pulled off their own sneak attack and wiped out the Jordanian air force on the ground, so the liberation of Albania had to be called off.

Decades later, Jerry met the President of Israel, Ezer Weizman, who had been in charge of the Israeli Air Force in 1967. Jerry explained how Weizman had wrecked his invasion of Albania. Weizman exclaimed to the effect that You were that foreigner who was training the Jordanians how to pull of a sneak attack? We thought you were a Russian training the Jordanians to attack us!

When is Jerry going to write his autobiography?