New Business Opportunity

From John Reilly:


Entrepreneurial readers might want to consider the commercial possibilities of haikyo. This can take the form of organized tours of genteel abandoned industrial sites, though sometimes it can be a bit edgy

Ruins are known in Japan as 'Haikyo' ... – literally 'abandoned place'. The word has become synonymous here with Urban Exploration, or Urbex for short, which is the exploration of man-made sites usually hidden or restricted from the general public. But with such exploration comes inherent dangers. The reason a large majority of abandoned sites are off-limits in the first place is due to the very nature of the places themselves. Often structurally unsound, with rusty objects, rotten floors and dark hidey holes means they are the perfect place for accidents to happen. Beautiful, enchanting and thrilling perhaps, but as with any pursuit, one should be aware of the risks involved before setting out. So here's the dark side to haikyo.

As I have had occasion to remark before, New Jersey is the perfect place for this kind of tourism.