WBH Weekly Digest 2023-07-07: Entrepreneurial Success

WBH Weekly Digest 2023-07-07: Entrepreneurial Success

On Entrepreneurial Success • The Worthy House
I am often asked how I achieved entrepreneurial success. That is, how I became, in the words of Edwin Arlington Robinson’s “Richard Cory,” “rich—yes, richer than a king.” (We can gloss over the ultimate fate of Cory in that poem, which will not be mine, even if sometimes I expect to also die with a…

Profilic book reviewer Charles Haywood gives some details on the business he built, and then sold. Solid, and matches up with my experiences [well, minus the selling a business part].

Kurzweil’s Phantasms | Edward Feser
How to Create a Mind: The Secret of Human Thought Revealed by Ray Kurzweil Viking, 352 pages, . . . .

The distinction between mental images and concepts that Feser lays out here is important for understanding why people who cannot form mental images at all can still function. It is also relevant to understanding what computers can and cannot do.

Bright movie mini-review
Will Smith’s 2017 movie Bright was an early example of a big disparity between audience scores and professional reviewers, although in this case the audience only found it “okay”, while often now the phenomenon produces outsized positive audience scores just to be contrary. I watched this movie and…

Reading a Substack earlier this week made me want to talk about Will Smith's 2017 movie Bright.

Oh, sorry, that's Saint Thor, not Sarn't Thor.

This is Sgt. Thor's first book, due out September 26. Read about the teaser short story Sgt. Thor: Little Sister here.

Finding Karate Again
A Retrospective [Part 1]

Alaric has a two part series on helping karate find its way again.

Oh Canada!
Sorry, not sorry

Mythago Wood
It is a place where myths become true. No. It is a place where myths are more than true; a place where the myths have power and you have none. The effect is a diminution of the self in the face of something older, vaster, and stranger.

My review of Robert Holdstock's formerly well-known book Mythago Wood.

Gemini Warrior Re-released
JD Cowan’s Gemini Warrior went out of print when Silver Empire went out of business, but thanks to JD’s recent Kickstarter, Book 1 is back up on Amazon, and Books 2 and 3 will be out soon. I’ll copy my original review as an enticement for you to go buy

JD Cowan's Gemini Man series is being re-released, and the first book Gemini Warrior is back up on Amazon.