WarGate John Carter

Steve Ferris shared the picture in this post on Facebook, and said that it is a sneak preview for WarGate books. John Carter is likely a good fit for WarGate, with it’s combination of military adventure and mythic monsters.

However, Burroughs’ John Carter is famous for ethnographic nudity, so I suspect that a modern day John Carter would look more like this.

WarGate Books

The Lost

Ice and Shadows: The Lost Book 1
Shadows and Crows: The Lost Book 2

Forgotten Ruin

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Hit & Fade: Forgotten Ruin Book 2 Book Review
Violence of Action: Forgotten Ruin Book 3 Book Review
Lay the Hate: Forgotten Ruin Book 4 Review
The Book of Joe: Forgotten Ruin Book 5 Review

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