Galaxy's Edge: Contracts & Terminations on Sale


The three ebooks and one short story that make up the Contracts & Terminations series are on sale for $0.99 USD on Amazon right now. Three great books for a dollar is a great deal.

My basic take on the Contracts & Terminations series is that this is what Boba Fett would have been like if he hadn’t died an ignominious death on Tatooine. Although that particular take has been much softened by the ending of season two of the Mandalorian.

I’ve also analogized Tyrus Rechs to Solomon Kane. He is an avatar of truth and justice. He simply is who is he is, and he cannot change his nature anymore than North can become South. While Tyrus isn’t the character in Galaxy’s Edge who fascinates me the most, Requiem for Medusa in particular inspired one of my favorite reflections on Tyrus, Why I Can Never Be Tyrus Rechs.

Pick this up, you won’t be disappointed.

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