Linkfest 2021-12-10: Sonic Boom!

From Fenton Wood, a trailer for a movie that really does look like the visual style of Samurai Jack.

Huge Calder Valley model railway hidden from girlfriend unveiled

This headline will never not be funny to me.

How to Build a Supersonic Trebuchet
As a weapon, there are far more efficient ways to accelerate small bits of metal past the speed of sound, but as a test of engineering skills, this is top notch. The mini sonic booms of the ball bearing are something.

Kiwi Hellenist: The dates of Jesus. 1. The dates

A series on what we know from historical sources about how Christians have dated Christmas. It is phenomenally hard to make a consistent timeline by piecing together different calendrical systems, but this is some good nuts and bolts on how it is done.

Rick Stump: Epic Adventures: A Few Examples

Rick Stump gives us examples of how awesome games can result from player autonomy in D&D.

The Long View: Happy Våffeldagen: The End of the World as We Knew It

I was familiar with the outline of what the Kiwi Hellenist talks about in his review of historical sources about the dating of Christmas due to John J. Reilly’s interest in millennialism, which is a subject that also often hinges on dates and prophecies.

With Both Hands: Cycles: The Science of Prediction

My obsession with logistic curves goes way back.