Violence of Action out in Audiobook

Violence of Action, book 3 in the Forgotten Ruin series, is now available in audiobook!

Book 3 is our opportunity to see the Rangers go raiding. To do what they do best: kill things and break stuff. The non-linear flow of the pseudo-memoir style of the Forgotten Ruin series works really well here, as we shift back and forth between the actual hit and the weeks of planning that led up to it.

I reviewed the book in ebook format in June, but I highly recommend Christopher Ryan Grant’s performance of this series. I started in audiobook, and Grant’s portrayal of Talker really got me hooked. Grant is excellent with all the other characters as well.

The book will eventually come out via Audible, but for now, you can buy it direct from the authors at their website. While I get review copies of these books from the authors, I don’t receive advertising commissions for this. I just like their books.