Linkfest 2017-01-22

Happy New Year! I've taken two weeks off for the birth of my third child, but now I am back at it!

Peak conception time by daylight hours

I saw the following chart on Twitter, and found it intriguing.

Roy Wright was interested enough to write a blog post going into further detail.

A Lot of What Is Known about Pirates Is Not True, and a Lot of What Is True Is Not Known.

A great piece about the gradual transformation of piracy in the American colonies from just another job to an act of rebellion.

The first ever vending machine stopped people from stealing holy water

Hero of Alexandria is a remarkable figure, known for his almost modern seeming machines.

San Francisco Asks: Where Have All the Children Gone?

Philosophies that frown on reproduction usually don't survive.

Peanut Allergy Prevention Advice Does a 180

A nice summary of how the conventional wisdom on peanut allergies was upended by one good study.

Should social science be more solution-oriented?

Duncan Watts argues in Nature: Human Behavior that my cocktail party theory of science is correct.

Housing supply is catching up to demand

Unfortunately, supply grows very slowly in this area. But this is good news.

Origin of computing terms "patch", "bug", "loop", "library"

Great history.