LinkFest 2017-01-27

Who the hell is Jeff?

A damn good question. [With a damn good answer]

Days of Rage

A great book review/historical retrospective on 60s radicalism. I think this is an interesting companion to my post on Right-Wing Terrorism in America. I am a bit more sanguine about the possibility of political violence in America on a mass scale, but see Peter Turchin's contribution next.

A Quantitative Prediction for Political Violence in the 2020s

Peter Turchin makes an attempt to model political instability using history as a guide.

Fearless Forecasts for 2017

Michael Flynn got a laugh out of me with these.

Freudianism as a Jewish Delusion

John Reilly used to say that the guiding spirits of the twentieth century were Freud and Marx and Darwin and Einstein. Steve Sailer only looked at 3 of the 4, so I made another chart with all of them. Darwin worked earliest, and so peaked earliest, but has maintained a steady presence ever since.

Judas in Japan

Silence is a strange and powerful book, and I think this is a close match to my take on it. Compare and contrast with Paul Miki, whose feast day comes up in just under two weeks.

Gender and the Business of Innovation

I don't find it surprising that more women hold patents in drugs, biotechology, and cosmetics, than in automotive and aerospace. But I am a crimethinker. The real mystery here is what is going on in Korea?