The Long View 2003-03-06: Four Fronts

John made something of an off-hand comment at the end of this entry about the build-up to the Iraq War,

Baron Evola

I think there is something to this. There is a segment of the Right in the United States that has been emboldened by the debacle in Iraq, and it is precisely the segment of the Right that has links to Evola.

Four Fronts
March 13 or 14Secretary Powell and Inspector Blix
British proposal
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The North Korean government is not crazy. They are misunderstood, because diplomacy is not in their cultural repertoire. What they are trying to do is cement tribute relationships with their neighbors. Like the Iraqis, their longer term goal is to survive until the attention of the United States is elsewhere. Then they can reunite the peninsula through force and subversion. They cannot do that now, though. It seems likely to me that, in the event of an Iraqi war, you will be hearing quite a lot about Korea at the same time. However, they won't start their own war now.
A minor aside:not
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The Islamist terrorist networks have the mirror image of America's problem. If they do not make their presence felt outside the West Bank in short order, they will lose credibility. This will particularly be the case if they fail to provide a diversion from a war in Iraq. The fact is, though, that the war against terrorism per se has gone better than anyone might have hoped. It also seems to be the case that the campaigns against the state bases of terror, in Afghanistan and Iraq so far, have rather contributed to these efforts than distracted from them.
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Baron Evola
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There are other things that might happen, but these will do to get on with. This should be a busy month.
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