Gratitude 2014

In 2012 I wrote a post about everything I felt grateful for on my 32nd birthday. I didn't follow up on that post in 2013 because I was busy buying a house and getting ready to be a father. But now that I'm 34, I think I have just as many things to be thankful for.

Comparing the list from the 2012 post and my running tally on my About page, I see:




  • Attended Appleseed rifle training course
  • Built a safe direction


  • Attained 2nd and 3rd degree in the Knights of Columbus
  • Attained 4th degree in the Knights of Columbus


I did well on my reading as well, getting in 36 books last year, not counting children's books. In the last year, I made progress on two major goals: I submitted all the paper work for my first patents, and paper I co-authored is nearly ready for submission.

Over the past year, as my son has approached todderhood, this has largely turned into my CrossFit blog. There don't seem to be as many hours between his bedtime and mine as I would like. Everything is as it should be.