Today is my 32nd birthday, and the primary emotion that I feel is gratitude. I appreciate all of the well-wishes, and I especially appreciate the opportunity to spend time with my family today. I live in a good place, I have a great career, and I've had many wonderful opportunities in life. Looking back on 32 years, I have had a great many adventures in my life already! There are only greater adventures to come, with the birth of my son in a few weeks and the completion of our house.

Inspired by Steve Kamb at Nerd Fitness, here are all the epic quests I have completed so far:






  • Been to Europe on business
  • Drank in a disco with famous physicians
  • Responsible for a capital expenditure of $1M in one year
  • Remediated asbestos as a student job
  • Self-employed as computer technician


  • Received a grade of Marksman in the Gunsite Academy 250 Defensive Pistol class
  • Earned a red belt in taekwondo

Personal Development

  • Got married!
  • Learned how to two-step
  • Ad-libbed a speech in front of thousands of people [High school graduation 1998]
  • Served as president of a Catholic school board
  • Met with a state representative to discuss tax credits for religious schools
  • Served at the altar for Latin Mass