Samuel Adams Double Bock

Samuel Adams Double Bock

Samuel Adams Double Bock

Double Bock Lager
ABV 9.5%

Samuel Adams Double Bock is one of their Imperial Series brews. The Imperial Series is intended to brew Big Beers with high quality ingredients, and this beer certainly delivers. The bottle says there is 1/2 lb. of malt in each 12 oz. bottle. This I can well believe, it has a rich, thick taste. This certainly befits a bock beer, which was originally brewed by monks to sustain them during the fasts of Lent. Much like Guinness, I imagine one could get most vitamins and minerals from this beer.

The beer itself has a deep caramel color, without much head. The massive amounts of malt predominate, with a slightly sweet finish. The recommended serving temperature is 50ºF, and unlike many such beers I have tasted, it does not suffer from being a little warm. If anything, the richness improves as it warms, releasing more of the scent.

I do not know that I would enjoy this beer if it were truly hot, and I were tired. It is far too heavy for that. It is slightly cool outside, which suits the beer fine. I drank the beer after dinner, almost like one might retire to the library for cognac and cigars. For that matter, it probably would complement a cigar. Like the cigar, the beer is a commitment, to be savored slowly.

This beer can be aged to develop the flavor further. If I had a beer cellar I would certainly lay a couple down to see what developed.


I only wanted one. It was extremely satisfying, but ought to be reserved for special occasions. Far too decadent to be enjoyed daily.