CrossFit Adidas Commercial

CrossFit Adidas Commercial

Steve Hsu said something in his post about the CrossFit games that surprised me a little at first, but after I thought about it for a bit I think he has a point:

The sport is kind of wacky -- kind of like the early days of triathlon, I guess. The competitors are wannabes in each of the core movements: weak Olympic lifters, clumsy gymnasts, slow sprinters, etc. But they have an all-around versatility.

DJ Wickham

Compare one of the best competitors at the 2010 CrossFit games, DJ Wickham, with the 2008 Beijing super heavyweight gold medalist, Matthias Steiner.

Matthias Steiner

Wickham just isn't in the same league as Steiner [or weightclass]. But, I bet Wickham runs faster.