Anchor Brewing Old Foghorn Review

Anchor Brewing Old Foghorn Review

Anchor Brewing Company Old Foghorn

Anchor Brewing Old Foghorn

Barleywine Style Ale 8.8% ABV
Type 64 Beeriodic Table

Old Foghorn is my first barleywine style ale, which is a very strong and thick beer. It reminded me of a Belgian in this, with a different finish. I could taste the yeast, but not nearly to the extent of a Dubbel or Trippel. This beer is well-rounded, hearty, heavy, even just a little fruity. Quite potent too.


I really liked Old Foghorn. It says right on the bottle that it is good for sipping after dinner, and I heartily agree. I found it very relaxing to drink, and I was very satisfied after drinking one.

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