Oak Creek Brewery King Crimson Review

Oak Creek Brewery King Crimson Review

Oak Creek Brewery King Crimson

Imperial Red Ale 6.0% ABV
Type 44 Beeriodic Table

I had a pint of King Crimson at a concert in the Oak Creek Brewery. I do mean in not at. The bar at the brewery is inside the room with the fermentation vessels. The Brewery had a real down-home neighborhood bar feel to it. There were people there who looked as if they were there pretty much all the time, rather than just there for the show.

The beer itself is a deep crimson with a small head. I had it on tap in a tulip glass. I forgot to take a picture because I was enjoying the band. Ah well.


I would describe Oak Creek Brewery beers as just good beer. I think they have a method of making beer that works well, and they stick to it. When I drink their beer, I don't often think to myself, "How unusual or striking this beer is!" Rather, I just think, "This is good beer!" King Crimson is much like this. I just flat out enjoyed this beer, without thinking to myself, this flavor overpowers the others, or this beer will go out of style in a few years. I appreciate the classic good flavor of this beer. Strong, but not overpowering. Nice malts, good hops. Good job.

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