Secret Projects

I have been pretty busy of late. To get an idea of how busy, check out the Reading Log for April as opposed to March. Partly, this is just life, but I have also been working on a secret project that is now ready to be unveiled. I have been redoing the Dead Philosophers Society website, rebuilding it on a more modern platform that ought to make it easier to maintain.

The platform I chose was WordPress. It hasn't actually been too bad, but I have been rather spoiled by Squarespace, which hosts my site. Squarespace is pretty much the easiest web editor I have ever used, and it can do pretty much anything I can imagine, and then some. WordPress in theory can do as much or more, but the work involved is a couple of factors of magnitude larger. You have to go track down the right code or plugin, and then make it work with everything else you already have. It took me about a month to get the Dead Philosopher's site running well, whereas I was up and running here in a few hours.

However, hopefully most of the work was on the front end, and now it ought to be relatively easy to work with. I also got my introduction to CSS, PHP, and MySQL out of this, so now I probably know just enough to be dangerous.