Shoelaces, Science, and Cool Tools

A trifecta of links today.

I was often frustrated by the difficulty in tying the shoelaces on my shoes. Oftentimes, shoes come with round, slippery laces that are hard to tie securely, but are too short to double knot. I looked around, and I found Ian's Secure Shoelace Knot. This is heartily recommended. I use it almost all the time now, because I can be sure that my laces will stay were I put them. This may seem a little silly, but knots are actually of professional interest to me, because I need to know how to make secure knots with slippery fibers.

Cool tools is another place I had seen before. It is a geek kind of thing, clever solutions to small problems.

Finally, Science Hobbyist. I like the idea of amateur science. Today, most big physics involves multi-billion dollar particle accelerators or telescopes. However, science did not start out this way, and you can still have some fun and learn things on the cheap. There is more on this website than I could possibly look at, so beware of wasting time.

h/t Art of Manliness