John D. Cook

Today I found the website of a statistician who works with Bayesian clinical trials (among other things). My company is doing a Bayesian clinical trial on our newest product launch. He also works at M. D. Anderson Cancer Center, where a friend of mine is getting her PhD in Virology.

A selection of things that caught my eye:

Four reasons we don't apply the 80/20 rule [I think my whole life is the 80/20 rule, which probably really annoys some people. Do everything at the last minute? Check.]
Evaluate people at their best or worst? [I like this idea, but I think it applies mostly to people on the right hand of the bell curve. If your job is to work on an assembly line making stent-grafts, you damn well better have good average performance.]
All sorts of neat statistical software
What is a confidence interval? [Darn things keep being commonsensical no matter how hard statisticians try to make them obscure.]

h/t The Fourth Checkraise