Well, that was...challenging. I downloaded a common Windows distribution of LaTeX called proTeXt. I installed it, and proceeded to start transforming that piece on Bayes' Theorem into a .tex file. Learning the markup is a little tedious, but everything you need to know can be found pretty quickly. My problem came when I tried to compile the file last night, and I kept getting an error regarding the location of the pictures. I puzzled over that for quite some time before giving up. Turns out the problem was that I was using the LaTeX=>PDF option, which means that you do not use the standard .eps files for pictures, but rather JPEG, GIF, or PNG. Ah. One of those things that is so simple, but not obvious to the new user.

The file turned out pretty well, all things considered. It took a lot longer than I would have liked, but I'll keep plugging away at this. I tried to cut and paste as much as possible when doing this conversion. The idea was to see how the same output could be made with new software. This was hard, because I would have done it differently now, so I had to refrain from copy editing.

If you would like to see the gibberish contained in a LaTeX file, look at the source for this new version. It is just plain text.