Linkfest 2022-08-05: Lager of Lamot

Thanks to Moldvay INC for the pointer.

Deseret News: My nonspeaking autistic brother learned to communicate. Then a new world opened

I still don’t agree with the decision to combine non-verbal autistics with the people formerly known as Asperger’s, but this is a beautiful story about the humanity of the profoundly disabled.

Genetics Unzipped: Apr 25 The case of the missing human chromosomes

The great humor of biology is that one guy’s mistaken assertion mislead everyone for 30 years about how many chromosomes humans have.

The great shame of biology is that much of it is built upon the great evil of abortion. Eventually, we could have figured out how to culture non-embryonic or non-cancerous human cells, but progress isn’t willing to wait.

This story just keeps getting better.

Daniel Humphreys: Pax is Back

The Paxton Locke series is a favorite of mine. It evaporated from Amazon along with the rest of Silver Empire’s offerings when they closed up shop, but now you can find all five volumes again.

Fade: Paxton Locke book 1
Night’s Black Agents: Paxton Locke book 2
Come, Seeling Night: Paxton Locke book 3
The Sacred Radiance: Paxton Locke book 4
The Dragon and His Wrath: Paxton Locke book 5

The Long View: Gödel: A Life of Logic

I like to think that I am re-posting all of John's blog as some sort of service to humanity, but really I just enjoy rediscovering gems like this one. John's review of a biography of Kurt Gödel has been definitive in shaping my opinions about AI and computation.

In short, I don't think strong AI is possible, and this is the true explanation why computer scientists have spent the last seventy years looking for it without finding it.

Washington Post: How a Phoenix record store owner set the audiophile world on fire

This is a great piece of reporting, about how a record store owner with a YouTube channel exposed dishonest advertising by a high-end record label.

There is a lot going on here, but I think the article does a great job of getting it all out there.

With Both Hands: Muramasa: The Demon Blade Videogame Review

I still think about this game a decade later.