Linkfest 2022-07-15: An Atlas of Bad Roads

Kickstarter: An Atlas of Bad Roads

Author Misha Burnett has a Kickstarter for an anthology of his work. I am a fan of Burnett’s work, and I am excited for this anthology.

UnHerd: The truth about Canada’s Indian graves

When the story first broke about unmarked graves on the grounds of Canadian residential schools, I downloaded and read the report from the National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation. It is a harrowing read, but it is also clear that it was never intended to be either comprehensive or objective.

The mission of the NCTR was to hear the stories of those who had attended the Canadian residential schools, and that mission was accomplished. Understandably, there is a focus on the abuse that happened, but you can also see in the accounts that there was good mixed in with the bad. No understanding or synthesis was attempted, because that wasn’t the point, but the evidence is there for anyone to see.

Unfortunately, all of that got ignored in the sensationalistic accounts that flourished in the wake of the unmarked graves story. I don’t much care for the tone of the UnHerd article, but I can understand why the author would adopt it, given that the utterly unfounded accusations against the residential schools spurred acts of vandalism and arson in revenge.

Palladium Magazine: Why America Can’t Build

An insider account of why it is so hard to build things.

Rob Henderson: Status Over Money, Money Over Status

Non-monetary compensation is real.

Twitter’s reputation for being the most combative of social media platforms is mostly just, but Twitter is also the place where you can find some of the best educational content.

Devlin: Convergence of Life Expectancy in Latin America

You might hear life expectancy statistics in Cuba touted as a success for Communism. However, Cuba stood out on this measure before the revolution, and other countries with similar demographics to Cuba are converging to it.

IM-1776: A History of Lost Adventure

Alexander Palacio looks at the impact of boy’s adventure novels.

The Long View: The Ecstasy Club

I was recently reading about Leverage Research, and this reminded me of John J. Reilly’s review of Douglas Rushkoff’s The Ecstasy Club. Real life can be stranger than fiction.

With Both Hands: Bad Dreams & Broken Hearts

With Both Hands: Duel Visions

My reviews of two of Misha Burnett’s works.