Linkfest 2022-05-20: The La Sierra System

Art of Manliness: The Insanely difficult standards of history’s hardest PE program

A fascinating read on the La Sierra System, an ultra-competitive PE program that produced the kind of fitness you find in elite operators. I don’t think you could just duplicate this everywhere and get the same results, there were likely selection effects on the students and the staff, but still I think something could be learned from this.

Art Review: Why We Need a Contemporary ‘New Deal for the Arts’

A bold proposal for public support of the arts that cites the New Deal, among other examples.

The Long View: Art Lessons

John J. Reilly had some thoughts about what public support of the arts meant, and what you could really get for your money.

Kickstarter: Re-launching Paxton Locke

The Paxton Locke series is a banger, but is temporarily unavailable due to Silver Empire closing up shop. Daniel Humphreys will be launching a Kickstarter to get these books back out there, which I whole-heartedly endorse.

Here are my reviews of the five volumes written so far:

by Daniel Humphreys
Fade: Paxton Locke book 1
Night’s Black Agents: Paxton Locke book 2
Come, Seeling Night: Paxton Locke book 3
The Sacred Radiance: Paxton Locke book 4
The Dragon and His Wrath: Paxton Locke book 5

American Compass: With All Due Respect to the Experts

Oliver Traldi explores the limits and meaning of expertise.

Jeffro Johnson expounds at vast length about the BrOSR method of playing AD&D.