Linkfest 2022-04-29: The Well at the World's End

John D. Cook points out the inherent tradeoff between predictive accuracy and serving as a public authority.

This never stops being funny to me.

Isegoria: The Well at the World’s End

Friend of the blog Isegoria points us to William Morris’ forgotten work The Well at the World’s End. Isegoria quotes John Rateliff who says:

Those interested in the major influences on their favorite authors might be surprised to find out just how good some of those “precursors” are compared to their latter-day disciples, and how much the authors writing today owe to authors they’ve never actually read themselves.

A stellar Twitter thread on how lots of symbols that would be perceived as occult or anti-Christian by contemporary Americans are really Christian symbols whose origins and meaning have been forgotten.

Tellers of Weird Tales: Lemuria, the Theosophical Continent

A brief note on the influence of Theosophy on popular fiction.

With Both Hands: King—of the Khyber Rifles

An example of a popular adventure with a heavy Theosophical influence.

The Long View: The Red Book Liber Novus

John J. Reilly explains everything you need to know about The Red Book.