Linkfest 2021-08-20: More Science Than You're Used To


DarwinCatholic: COVID Death Trends: The Young and the Old Are Okay Now

My internet friend Brendan Hodge at Darwin Catholic shows us with CDC mortality data that the old and the young have largely returned to the pre-COVID trends. Well, the young never really left it. For those 65+ years of age, this should be seen as a success story, with very high vaccination rates in that age bracket. However, in between 18-65 is the majority of the American population, and while the per capita rates of death and serious illness are much lower than in the 65+ category, there is still an elevated death rate that could be reduced with more willingness by Americans to get vaccinated.


Wrath of Gnon: Reading “Architecture for the Poor”

Pseudonymous internet friend Wrath of Gnon explores the enduring value of traditional architecture as a way to provide for the poor.

Pillar Catholic: The ultimate Catholic coronavirus vaccine morality explainer

Pillar Catholic [where Brendan Hodge is a contributing editor] has a top-notch explainer on Catholic teaching and COVID vaccines.

Japan Intercultural Consulting: Why Japanese Love Charts, Graphs, and Figures

I too, love charts and graphs. Perhaps that is part of what attracted to study Japanese culture.

Sacnoth's Scriptorium: Do Wolves Eat People? revisited

This is one of those “myths” that I’ve always assumed was true., having long since come across the well-attested French records mentioned here.

The Center for the Study of Partisanship and Ideology: Why COVID-19 Is Here to Stay, and Why You Shouldn’t Worry About It

Philippe Lemoine offers us hope on COVID, based on what we know. Hope has been in short supply.

The Silver Key: The Problem with Reviews

Brian Murphy at the Silver Key expresses very cogently what it means to review a book well, an aspiration that I have here at With Both Hands.

Alexander Hellene: Nothing to Die For

Author Alexander Hellene looks at why escapism in fiction appeals to men.

CNN: Travel to the North Pole on board a luxury airship

I have always been amused by the human interest piece/advertising overlap in articles like this. The multi-hundred-thousand dollar price tag of this particular journey makes it especially funny. And, I don’t think this journey actually exists yet, reading between the lines I don’t think they quite have all the details worked out. Which is good, because airships indicate you have deviated from the primary timeline.


The Long View: Our Stolen Future

This controversy has been overshadowed by COVID, but endocrine disruption is something I still think about from time to time.


With Both Hands: A Bitter Trial

The controversy leading up to, and the aftermath of Pope Francis’ decision to return stricter controls to the use of the pre-Vatican II liturgy are an echo of what happened before.