Linkfest 2021-08-06: Twilight of Democracy


The Long View: The Twilight of Democracy

John J. Reilly’s 1997 review of Patrick E. Kennon’s The Twilight of Democracy is a fascinating read twenty four years later. Some version of Kennon’s point of view is still hugely important in how the United States is run, and this is a good look at how the functionaries of state see the world.

The Metroid Database: Metroid 35

A collection of fan art in honor of Metroid’s 35th anniversary.

PC Bushi: Mario USA

The game released in America as Mario Bros 2 was branded Mario USA in Japan, which is totally awesome.

The Aubry Cutoff

The Aubry Cutoff

Legends of America: The Aubry Cut-Off

Pioneer trails are still visible in the landscape of America. Where I live, it is the Beale Wagon Trail.


Nightland Racer by Fenton Wood

Fenton Wood has written a book about a racecar driver battling a rogue black hole, and I can’t wait to read it!


With Both Hands: Night Train to Rigel by Timothy Zahn book review

On a lark I started reading Tim Zahn’s Night Train to Rigel while on vacation. I was curious to see if the whodunit style of the book would hold up on a re-read. I am pleased to say that it does.