Linkfest 2021-06-04: Gimme that Old School Religion


Yesterday I went down a rabbithole of a very different kind of #OSR, old school religion, looking at the inchoate shaping of D&D by Christianity at the beginning though Clerics in Fantasy Literature and a followup The Church in D&D

Wasteland & Sky: Selective Memory ~ An Appendix N Post

JD Cowan recounts how he discovered the treasures of forgotten works through G. K. Chesterton and Appendix N.

Isegoria: No caucasian man was properly dressed without his kindjal

Isegoria gives us another perspective on the Sabres of Paradise, the book from which much of Dune was borrowed.

Paul Lucas: King of the Worlds Edge by H. Warner Munn

A very different take on King Arthur that I had never heard of before.

The Long View: The Holy Grail

Essential reading on Grail legends from John J. Reilly


With Both Hands: The Drawing of the Dark by Tim Powers Book Review

The Drawing of the Dark remains one of my favorite books. It is Tim Powers take on King Arthur, the Fisher King, the Grail, and beer.