Linkfest 2021-06-18: Picking something up on Sensors

Claremont Review of Books: There Goes Robert E. Lee

I’ve never liked the casual dismissal of Lee as nothing but a traitor, and Christopher Caldwell puts this into far better words than I ever could.

Screenshot 2021-06-17 180722.png

Methods & Madness: The individualism of modern D&D

I’m not the only one who finds modern D&D play more like improv theater. With some interesting commentary attributed Lew Pulpisher in the comments section.

Sensor Sweep: Pulp Covers, Black Sails, Starship Troopers

Castalia House’s weekly Sensor Sweep always has great links every Monday. I was surprised to see myself in there not just once but twice this week! I recommend Sensor Sweep as always bringing you a fascinating slew of information.

Arkhaven Comics: Heroic Archetypes

Sons of Mercury

Sons of Apollo

Sons of Jason

An on-going series at Arkhaven Comics that looks at heroic archetypes in light of their Greek embodiments. Since fantastic adventures go right on back to the Odyssey in the West.

The Pulp Archivist: Tangent Online Interview with Leigh Brackett and Edmond Hamilton

An absolutely fascinating interview with Leigh Brackett. The excerpt at The Pulp Archivist focuses on Brackett’s experience of being a pulp era scifi writer and Hollywood script writer. She said that she never experienced any discrimination in either field as a woman until the fifties, which matches up with what I’d heard about Hollywood in general, although the timing surprises me a little. The modern studio system got started in the 1930s, and was less gender-egalitarian than the silent movie productions of the D. W. Griffith era. But television got started later, and so it might have been a different world.

A new Metroid game is very big news indeed. I’m a big fan of the Metroid series, even the often derided Other M.


With Both Hands: Fade Paxton Locke Book 1 Review

Book 4 in the Paxton Locke series is out this week. Why not see where it all began?


The Long View: Americanism: The Fourth Great Western Religion By David Gelernter

Politics are always religious. You can pretend otherwise, but that doesn’t make it true.