eBook deals 4/9/2021

Open Road Media manages the back catalog of ebooks for several of my favorite authors, and I like them in part because they regularly have great sales on ebooks. I think digital media has less value than physical media, given that you typically can’t turn it around and resell it when you are done. Thus, the price should be lower.

Open Road executes this faithfully, often running deals that let you pick up a new book for a buck or two. Here are a bunch that I recommend. Amazon affiliate links benefit me.


I reviewed The Best of C. L. Moore in 2019. If you want some unbridled femininity in your adventure fiction, Moore’s work is the place to look. $1.99 USD on Amazon.


Dinner at Deviant’s Palace is one of Tim Powers’ post-apocalyptic adventures, which is of course set in a devastated future Los Angeles. Hemogoblins, Jaybirds, and the unique music properties of Peter and Wolf feature in the last great redemption of Gregorio Rivas. $1.99 USD on Amazon.


This collection of The Blackcollar and The Backlash Mission are a very Timothy Zahn take on asymmetrical warfare. I think others do military tactics better than Zahn, who was after all a physics grad student before becoming a writer, but Zahn’s signature style of elaborate schemes and clever twists is perfect for the paranoid operational security that deep cover operatives practice to survive. $3.99 USD on Amazon.


Fritz Leiber’s Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser series inspired the thief class in Dungeons and Dragons. If you happen to be an Amazon Prime member, you can get Swords and the Mist free to see if you like it. Volume two of Open Road’s collected volumes is $3.99 USD on Amazon.