Linkfest 2021-04-02: Good Friday


The Christian scandalously asserts that this day is a good day. And it is.


Yesterday I got into a discussion on Twitter about how badly misunderstood the paladin has become in D&D. The meme on the gets the laugh from contemporary players, but it is the equivalent of asserting that the epitome of law and goodness is the city guard in Aladdin that threatens to cut Aladdin’s hands off for stealing bread.

From my internet friend Jimmy Levendia, a surprisingly good piece of World War Z fanfiction on the fate of North Korea, only alluded to in the book.

Douglas Hofstadter on Poul Anderson’s Uncleftish Beholding

An extended musing on Poul Anderson’s wordplay

David V. Stewart: Gaming Ground Zero

A reflection on why there has been little innovation in videogames. I like the argument, even though I do rather like Breath of the Wild.

The American Mind: Don’t Bother Learning to Code

I’ve talked about this subject before. There are a number of visa programs built on the premise that there is an insufficient supply of highly skilled technical workers in the United States, but the facts on the ground don’t match up with this. What it looks like instead is a program for employers to decrease wages instead.

The Alexandrian: Open Table Manifesto

This is something I very much want to try: a RPG game that is come and go, in a living world that is player-driven.

Upstream Reviews

A project that is very compatible with what I do here. Rob Kroese and Declan Finn review science fiction and fantasy from their libertarianish viewpoint.