Linkfest 2021-03-26: Trigun Edition


. . . And Between the Wasteland & Sky

JD Cowan masterfully analyzes the Catholic themes in Trigun

Made in China

Razib Khan looks at the history of China and various governments actions in Xinjiang.

Appendix N Connection: The Origin of Shadows in the D&D Game

How a classic story by A. Merritt influenced Dungeons and Dragons.

Bush/Obama Ed Reform: It All Came Tumbling Down

The conclusion of Education Realist’s long series on how educational reform has been completely routed in the United States, due to its being founded on the Lake Wobegone lie.

The Long View: Freedom & Necessity

Novelistic interpretations of philosophy aren’t uncommon. This is a Hegelian novel, and is accordingly long-winded and prolix.


Yankee Republic print omnibus available direct

Fenton Wood’s five volume collected omnibus edition of Yankee Republic is available directly from the author here. You can pay Fenton via PayPal.