An alternative history forum and Leslie Fish

Screenshot 2021-03-15 154947.png

John J. Reilly was quite the fan of alternative history, both a consumer and a producer of it. He had a whole section of his webpage devoted to the subject, but it also suffused the rest of his work. Every so often one of John’s AH creations will generate discussion anew, and it pleases me to see that his work still has the power to spur thoughtful commentary after all these years.

Looking at incoming page traffic recently, I saw some links from The Sietch, which in addition to an active forum of alternative history, has a section devoted to Leslie Fish, whom I’ve mentioned here before.

Her performance of The Centurion’s Song by Kipling still gives me goosebumps. I recommend that you go find a copy. Readers interested in alternative history may find The Sietch interesting as well.