Linkfest 2021-02-06: The Implied Appendix N

The Implied Appendix N

I like the phrase “The Implied Appendix N” to refer to the whole corpus of pulp adventure that formed the background of modern pop culture.


As the history of Gary Gygax at TSR illustrates, what makes a good hobby and what makes a profit can be quite different things.

The Joy of Wargaming Dungeon Design and You

An excellent bit on the eponymous dungeons of Dungeons and Dragons.

Superstar Cities are in Trouble – The Atlantic

COVID has upended the long-term pattern where a few winner take all cities enjoyed all the economic growth and good jobs.

2020 Migration Trends: U-Haul Ranks 50 States by Migration Growth

I’ve talked about the U-Haul index before, a quick and dirty way to look at relative migration by looking at oneway prices for U-Haul trucks. This is U-Haul’s own look at the same thing.


Obi-Wan Nairobi

This was 2019, but that definitely feels like the before time.

Collections: The Universal Warrior, Part IIa: The Many Faces of Battle

Bret Devereaux has an interesting post on different societies’ conceptions of courage, but I pretty strongly disagree with his interpretations of how warriors from different systems would perceive each other. The evidence we have is closer to Keegan’s interpretation, take for example Hal Moore’s obvious respect for the Vietnamese or this account of the Apaches.

A Dragon Among Dragons: The Decay Of Fantasy

Misha Burnett muses on how the loss of moral vision has crippled fantasy books.


Clock's Watch Book Review

Michael Reyes’ Clock’s Watch is still one of my favorite bits of weird fiction.


The Long View: The Seafort Saga

David Feintuch’s Seafort Saga is a great bit of science fiction. John J. Reilly’s review got me interested, and I loved it.