Will Wight on Planning Plot Points for Cradle

This is totally not Eithan Aurelius

Over at his blog of dubious intent, Will Wight has gone into some mildly spoilerish detail about his planning process for Cradle. I won’t get any more spoilerish than Wight, who sticks to things from book 9 and before, but I do feel like my past reviews hold up really well.

Wight takes something of a prudent middle ground in the plotter/pantser spectrum, having identified key elements and themes that he wanted to write about, but then adjusting certain details on the fly as the story progressed.

So far, this approach seems to have worked out really well, as the story has been quite a lot of fun so far. If you haven’t gotten into Cradle yet, why not listen to a free preview of book 10 and see if strikes you?

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