Linkfest 2021-10-22: Vikings of the Pacific

Grey Goose Chronicles: The Vikings of the Pacific - Part One

The Haida are one of those people who, if you are of an anthropological persuasion, become something of an obsession. Like the Dogon or the Calusa, they have acquired a legendary status, in no small part due to their mysterious and fiercesome reputation among their friends and enemies. The wonderful retort mentioned on their Wikipedia page entry sets the tone for how the Haida conceive of themselves:

“The Haida are known for their craftsmanship, trading skills, and seamanship. They are thought to have been warlike and to practise slavery. Anthropologist Diamond Jenness has compared the Haida to Vikings while Haida have replied saying that Vikings are like Haida.”

Isegoria: Dune

Friend of the blog Isegoria complains at length about the things in Dune that didn’t work.

Shape Operator: Sunset Geometry

Like a classical Greek, you can estimate the curvature of the Earth from a photograph of a sunset over a lake.

Stripe: Indexing the Creator Economy

Some numbers on Internet enabled businesses.

Michigan J. Frog preserves the memory of songs that otherwise would have faded from public view.

With Both Hands: Strange Company by Nick Cole

Strange Company is great weird fiction.

The Long View: Cthuluism and the Cold War

Some Halloween humor from John J. Reilly.