Takeover: Part 2 Book Review

Takeover: Part 2 cover art By Tommaso Renieri

Takeover: Part 2 cover art By Tommaso Renieri

Takeover: Part 2
by Jason Anspach and Nick Cole
Published 2018 by Galaxy's Edge Press

In Part 1 of Takeover, Bravo Team leader Carter was lamenting his life choices as he humped dead koobs into the back of a truck. Like a lotta guys in his position, he assumed the good money he was going to get to KTF in some backwater was going to a help a marriage strained by constant deployments in the Legion. Only problem is, his part of the op is less kicking in doors and more cleaning up bodies left behind by someone else. Plus, the money was never really the problem before. It was being gone, which isn’t really different now.

Except now Carter and Bravo Team are finally getting their chance. In Part 2 of Takeover, the mysterious Big Nee orders his mercenaries to assault a Zhee temple in the Kublar desert. What are the Zhee doing on Kublar? I’m sure the koobs want to know as much as we do. Which isn’t the only mystery at hand: who is Big Nee, and what is his plan?

We at least get some satisfaction, but Cole and Anspach give us as many mysteries here as they resolve. It wouldn’t be fair of me to reveal what. So we’ll turn to the action in the book, which reminds me a bit of Rainbow Six, if only Clancy had wanted to show us what mission planning looks like when you don’t include your team leads.

Mission planning with Big Nee’s outfit

Mission planning with Big Nee’s outfit

After I finished Part 2, I went back and read Part 1 again. I was pleased to see how Anspach and Cole had set us up in Part 1, including little things that looked like filler content to flesh out a scene, but in fact turned out to be hints. This is the kind of thing that keeps me coming back to the Galaxy’s Edge series: attention to detail plus a keen sense for what is fun to read. I am looking forward to Part 3, and seeing what else I missed the first couple of times.

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