Supporting the Long View re-posting project, with some book reviews thrown in for fun

John J. Reilly, RIP

John J. Reilly, RIP

I've been at this for just over 4 years now. Traffic is growing strongly, and I occasionally run into a comment somewhere else along the lines of: "isn't there some guy reposting all of John Reilly's stuff?"

I find that gratifying, and I'm glad that others seem to be interested in John Reilly's internet legacy, even though some of the things he said didn't pan out. All the same, some did, which is probably why we still get visitors here looking for his writings, nearly six years after his death. Not bad, in internet terms.

So how can you help? First and foremost, by reading John's stuff. The only regular commenter we have around here is subforum, a long cry from the days when John hosted a fairly lively BBS, but these days you would just make a Reddit sub instead of hosting it yourself. I think John nuked the whole board at least three times trying to apply patches to phpBB.

After that, I've selected to run only Amazon affiliate links and Brave browser affiliate links. Amazon, since much of what happens here is book related. Brave since I support their mission of trying to make the financial underpinnings of the internet less dependent on mining your personal information. I've switched over to Brave as my primary browser, and I think you should too.

If you want to try it out, download the Brave browser from my affiliate link, and I will get credited for it if you use it "some" over the next thirty days. I think you'll like it. I like never having ads or pop-ups unless I opt-in.

For Amazon affiliate links, if you just buy something every once in a while, I would appreciate it. That would defray the minor costs of hosting, which is all I am going for. I've noticed a general increase here as well, so thank you.