Prisoners of Darkness: Galaxy's Edge #6 Book Review

Prisoners of Darkness

Prisoners of Darkness

Prisoners of Darkness: Galaxy's Edge #6
by Jason Anspach and Nick Cole
Kindle Edition, 338 pages
Published December 19th 2017 by Galaxy's Edge

"know thyself" (Greek: γνῶθι σεαυτόν)

"know thyself" (Greek: γνῶθι σεαυτόν)

My favorite theme of Prisoners of Darkness is the contrast between Captains Chhun and Ford. Formerly teammates, and even friends, as the book progresses Chhun and Ford are revealed to have chosen different paths in life, even though they started in more or less the same place.

Either man could be called a hero, and in fact they both receive a commendation, the Order of the Centurion, normally awarded posthumously. Yet, they slowly realize that they no longer really know each other. Chhun has stayed on the well-trodden path, rising through the ranks of the Legion, doing his best to do his duty. Ford, as the deep-cover agent Aeson Keel, has spent so long playing the rogue that he has simply become one. Each one of them is a good man, yet they make each other extremely uncomfortable.

For the most part, they do both want the same things. Ford, as Keel, has developed quite a mercenary streak, but is still more loyal than the part he plays. Time and circumstances have created attachments to different things, which serve to pull the former comrades apart, but I'm guessing they will find they need each other again at some point.

Because the galaxy is falling apart. What looked like the Galactic Republic versus Goth Sullus' Empire is devolving into factions within each bloc jockeying for position, with a still unknown outside force manipulating events from a hidden redoubt. Two sides will rapidly become three or four simultaneously contesting for control of the galaxy.

And some damn fool gave the donkeys jetpacks. That's at least as bad of an idea as giving missiles AI.

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  Prisoners of Darkness By Jason Anspach, Nick Cole