Linkfest 2017-08-04

Director Neill Blomkamp breaks down his new sci-fi short Rakka

An interview with Neill Blomkamp where he explains the idea behind Rakka, and the business model he is working with. The Verge has a number of other interviews with Blomkamp linked from here.

I’m a Leaver who would be happy for a second referendum

Ed West explains why he would like another shot at Brexit [paywall].

In a Robot Economy, All Humans Will Be Marketers

Tyler Cowen seems to share some of my suspicions regarding the real ability of robots to put us all out of work.

Sour Note: In Ancient Rome, Lemons Were Only for the Rich

The spread of citrus was a slow affair. It took 2200 years before the major varieties we enjoy today were spread out of their places of origin.

What comes after a Ph.D.? Check out the data

A wealth of data on getting a PhD.

Reihan Salam points us to two interesting takes on the US economy.

First, the standard view, that we make more stuff with fewer people.

Second, a contrary view that this isn't really true because of the way we count the 'stuff' inside microchips.

One of the joys of following a Habsburg on Twitter is seeing things like this:

What is the safest form of energy

This is an interesting chart, but for me, the most interesting thing is that it isn't data; it is a model. The bars are computed based on a methodology that estimates deaths, not actually counting.

Aryan Wars: Controversy over new study claiming the came from the west 4,000 years ago

Razib Khan writes in India Today about new genetics results that demonstrate there really was an Aryan invasion of India.


Election 2016 County Results in 3D

I love ways of accurately showing data in more than two dimensions at a time.