King–of the Khyber Rifles Book Review

King–of the Khyber Rifles
by Talbot Mundy
Carrol and Graf 1985
$3.95; 395 pages
ISBN 0881841692

I enjoy reading old books. This one is only 101 years old at this point, but I enjoy the act of getting into the mind of someone from another age. Written in 1916, Talbot Mundy's adventure story isn't that remote, but there was some dialogue at the beginning that I found very difficult to follow. A slangy exchange between Athelstan King and another officer reminded me how far language can change in 100 years.

I've had this one on the shelf for years, and I'm glad I finally read it. It inspired S. M. Stirling's Peshawar Lancers, and it was fun to read, but I doubt I'll ever come back to it. Mundy's Theosophy is just too weird for me. Other books of a similar vintage are a little easier for me to get into.

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  King of the Khyber Rifles By Talbot Mundy