Linkfest 2017-02-24

Undocumented Irrigation

Damn. Steve Sailer went and wrote something about SlateStarCodex's Cost Disease post that covers pretty much everything I wanted to write.

The Meaning of Milo

Ross Douthat has a pertinent reflection on how Milo fits into post-religious social conservatism. Ross also predicts Milo will make a comeback, which wouldn't surprise me either. We shall see.

Irish and German Immigration Waves

United States % of population added by year and country of origin

United States % of population added by year and country of origin

Razib Khan retweeted this image from Noah Smith. I agree that this is a powerful and informative graph.

Persistence and Fadeout in the Impacts of Child and Adolescent Interventions

Why you should remain wary of educational innovations.

New Fertility Study Launches

23andMe is looking at the genetics of fertility.

I'm Not a Nazi

Robert VerBruggen has to point out that understanding that eugenics is possible [trivial even] is quite different from thinking you need to sterilize people against their will.

Book Review: Richard Bauckham, “Jesus and the Eyewitnesses”

Ross Douthat retweets one of Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry's book reviews, further evidence that the Gospels are as credible as any other historical text from the Roman era.

A Beautiful Church for the Poor

Based on a 2009 report by Philip Schwadel, John D. McCarthy, and Hart M. Nelsen, Matthew Schmitz wonders whether the post-Vatican II changes in liturgy have ill-served poor white Americans. This probably should be read alongside Charles Murray's Coming Apart. Not mentioned in the Schmitz article was this fascinating chart about Latino Catholics in America: