LinkFest 2016-05-28

Unplugging the Colorado River

Here is something that should give you pause: without Lake Powell and Lake Mead, the biggest city on the west coast of the United States would be either San Francisco [population 864,000] or Seattle [population 608,000]. Even if you include the metro areas of each city, you don't get over 4 million or so. Los Angeles proper is 4 million, with another ten million in the surrounding metropolitan area. LA would be a sleepy little desert town without the water from the Colorado River.

The history behind this is fascinating. And contentious, at least for us locals. The state of Arizona once tried to use the National Guard to prevent the state of California from taking water from the Colorado River.

How Anti-White Rhetoric is Fueling White Nationalism

Much anti-white rhetoric amounts to a back-handed compliment to racists.

Could we see a four-way race for President?

Possibly, and I'm not sure it will turn out well.

A Pentecost on Crete?

I'm always interested to see what my Orthodox brethren think.

At 96, Dr. Heimlich finally uses his life-saving technique

You have to like this story.

TIE Fighter Fan Film

Animated by one man over 4 years.