LinkFest 2016-02-26

This link fest has been long delayed, so it got extra big. Enjoy!

How to Construct the Ultimate Conspiracy Theory

An interview with Tim Powers about how he researches his novels, and other fun things.

America's Top Five Mistakes in Iraq

John Schindler at XX Committee reviews what he thinks were the biggest mistakes we made in Iraq, and since he was working for the NSA at the time, he knows it all from the inside.

Curse of the High IQ

P. D. Mangan started an interesting discussion at his blog about being too smart for your own good. In the comments section, I was initially skeptical, since in my experience meritocracy tends to work pretty well, but I came around to a better appreciation of what Mangan was saying as the conversation progressed.

National Merit

In counterpoint, Greg Cochran's post on the National Merit Scholarship program, which is pretty much the national IQ test with prizes.

Woodrow Wilson's Great Folly

Another great piece by John Schindler, this time regarding the effects of Woodrow Wilson's foreign policy mixed with a peculiarly American evangelical Christianity that perhaps made the twentieth century worse than it needed to be. Perhaps the Germans should have won World War I.

The Good News on Generic Drugs

The cost of generic drugs in the United States is falling. A lot.

Twitter's new Safety and Trust Council is an Orwellian Nightmare

Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry points out the Emperor has no clothes.

The United States needs a new Long Telegram. But from where?

Foreign policy is not our strongpoint.

The Role of Infanticide and Abortion in Pagan Rome's Decline

This is obvious to anyone that has eyes to see, that a policy of reducing birthrates through infanticide and abortion will have long-term negative effects on the elites that promote these ideas, but who can remember things that happened so long ago?