Linkfest 2016-12-23

IT Jobs Explained

I'm sure this applies to more than just IT.

How a Pen and Paper RPG Brought 'Star Wars' Back From the Dead

A more detailed look at the way West End Games' Star Wars RPG set the stage for everything we have now, creating places, characters, and plot points that have been worked into the official storyline.

The Maillard Reaction

The science behind tasty french fries.

The case for protecting infant industries

Noah Smith makes the argues that we should take a second look at protecting infant industries.

What it's like to be brought back after an overdose

I suppose there is a reason you use opiates for palliative care.

How a greedy corporation saved Star Wars from a stubborn artist

Thanks, Disney.

Paul Fussell - Ties and Class

An except from Fussell's masterpiece Class.