LinkFest 2016-11-22

Abandoning Defensive Crouch Liberal Constitutionalism

Here is someone on the other side of the culture wars advocating not only that the Cultural Left won, but that they should be roaming the battlefield looking to finish off wounded survivors.

How we ban the creation of more of the most loved bits of London

I think I have written about this before, but I am more than willing to repeat it: current building codes make it impossible to build the kind of buildings people actually want. Here is an example from my own town. There are a number of quaint buildings downtown that everyone likes.

Buildings that already exist can be maintained indefinitely, but unfortunately you cannot building something like the McMillan building any longer. Parking and setbacks mean new construction looks like this.

This is how Steve Bannon sees the world

This is a very interesting transcript of a talk Steve Bannon gave at the Dignitatis Humane Institute in 2014. He cites Evola and Tradition as an influence on the Eurasianism of Vladimir Putin.

Theranos whistleblower shook the company - and his family

This kid has balls of steel.

The Seven Decade Hunt for the Origins of a Strange Indian Disease

Infectious disease research used to be positively dangerous.


I tried to Venmo $12.66 for ISIS and the Government was pissed

Also, water is wet.