Armed Response Book Review

I got this book by mistake, but I ended up keeping it. Not a bad read on firearms and self-defense.

Armed Response:A Comprehensive Guide to Using Firearms for Self-Defense

By David Kenik
Merril Press 2005
180 Pages; US$19.95
ISBN 9780936783451

I ended up with the book by an Amazon accident. I had ordered the Ayoob files, a collection of columns written by Massad Ayoob, a frequent expert witness in self-defense cases. Ayoob contributed an introduction to this volume, which is possibly the reason I ended up with this book. I received this book several years ago, and I decided to just keep it. I did not actually read it until 2009, and I found the book very good. I should have read it earlier.

Armed Response is a sober, practical book that has lots of good things to think about for anyone who owns firearms. Lots of details about the workings of the law, how to properly use a firearm, and helpful suggestions. I wish I had read this book when I was actually a beginner, because the author explains a lot of common terms used by firearm owners that were mystifying to me once. I spent a number of years tracking down answers to questions that are contained in this book. That reinforces the anwers I found, and makes me willing to recommend this book, because it matches my own experience and knowledge.

You can find information about different kinds of firearms, their pros and cons. Different holsters, different ammunition, different stances. There are even suggestions for training. One would do well to heed the many warnings contained in this book. This book is intended to help keep you out of trouble of any kind. The best way to win a gunfight is not to be in one.

Lots of good references, the websites and addresses of quality accesories manufacturers, and lots and lots of experience can be found in this book. Highly recommended. Just remember, IANAL.  YANMC.  TINLA.
I am not a lawyer, you are not my client, this is not legal advice, if you want legal advice then hire yourself a lawyer. (Thanks Tom)

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